Wood Burning Fireplace Insert
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Selecting the proper hearth appliance, whether it's a new fireplace, freestanding stove, or an insert into your existing masonry/manufactured fireplace, is a very important decision. You are making a significant investment in an appliance that will last for a long time, if properly selected, installed and maintained. We are here to help you through it by answering any questions you have, and educate you on the specifics of owning an alternative heating appliance. Many factors play a role when starting this process. Deciding where you want the unit to go is just the beginning. Is it the best location to get the best performance out of your investment? For a unit to reach it's peak efficiency, location is key. What type of fuel source will you use? We've provided great information on the different fuel sources HERE. How big is the space you are looking to heat? Kring's carries MANY units with a wide range of heat output options to keep the house cozy. Our experienced sales team will help guide you through your project.


Before every installation, our owner Matt Goense, surveys the job site. He works directly with the customers at this point to establish a personal relationship. From there, our staff works hard to process the order accurately and as quick as possible. Then, a crew of trained experienced professionals are dispatched with the proper tools, materials, and knowledge to ensure the best finished product.  All of our factory trained installers and servicemen are in-house, working closely with the sales team to provide the best service, from start to finish, for our customers. 



Keeping a fireplace, insert, or stove running at it's best is a simple matter of proper maintenance. We take our time to educate our customers on the requirements of the owner on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Kring's recommends annual cleanings on all of our products, this includes a full overhaul of the appliance. After every burn season, we mail out reminders to schedule an Annual Service Call at a fixed rate with early bird special pricing. If you have an existing unit and would like to know if it can be service, please Contact Us, as some older units may not have available parts.


Kring's is happy to provide a delivery service for our customers, with optional free assembly of any grill purchased. From BBQ Grills and Outdoor Furniture, to Wood Pellets and Bio Brick Fuel, we deliver right to your driveway. Contact Us for details. 


Every employee of Kring's Hearth and Home participates in training. We are experts, taking pride in our work and aiming to provide accurate information on all our products. We train in-house and at our manufactures facilities, staying up-to-date on new and improved products.