Kring’s Referral Program

Refer A Friend

It’s simple! When any of our customers uses Kring’s Referral Program with someone new to either of our two locations, BOTH parties receive a discount. So, who gets what?

  • The referring customer will receive $50 OFF their next annual service.
  • The newly referred customer will receive a 10% discount on the purchase of a new unit OR $20 savings on the service call of their existing unit.


If the referring customer completes 4 referrals before their next annual service, it’s FREE*

Kring’s Hearth and Home Referral Slip: 

Date of Service:________________________________________

Referring Customer:__________________________________

Referred Customer:___________________________________


Kring’s Hearth and Home wants to thank our valued customers for their repeat business and their eagerness to share their experience with others. Our goal with this “Kring’s Referral Program” is to reward our customers for helping grow our company, because without you we would not be.-Any customer already in our database and new customers qualify for the program, referenced as the “referring customer” and “referred customer” respectfully.- To activate benefits, the referred customer MUST provide one of the three approved forms, filled out and turned in, within 90 days from the date of the referring customers annual service. The referred customer must turn in the referral prior to receiving their first service or purchase of unit.- After providing an approved referral, the referred customer will be eligible for a 10% discount on the purchase of a new unit. OR the referred customer can elect to receive a $20 discount on the service of an existing unit, provided the unit is serviceable with parts available to order.-The referring customer will be eligible for a $50 discount on their next annual service ONLY AFTER the referred customer has received their service or purchased a unit.-*Any discount on services applies to labor only. Does not apply to travel charge or any necessary replacement parts. -Offer is subject to change. Cannot be combined with other offers.