Q. I would like to purchase a pellet stove.  How do I know what size stove I need?
A. You need to know about how much area you would like to heat (Square Feet).  Also, the units are thermostatically controlled.  With wither a wall thermostat or remote control the stove will maintain a consistent temperature.

Q. How often do I need to clean my stove?
A. Pellet stoves and inserts need their burn pot cleaned daily and need to be vacuumed weekly.  Wood Stoves/Inserts and Pellet Stove/Inserts require the glass to be cleaned when dirty.  We recommend Rutland White OFF Glass Cleaner.  Gas Stoves/Inserts need annual maintenance - by a certified technician.

Q. Where do I store my wood pellets or firewood?
A. In your wood shed, garage or basement.  Out of the elements of the weather.

Q. Can I burn any kind of wood in my wood stove?
A. No,  Construction lumber and wet wood is not acceptable to burn in your wood stove/insert. Dry Seasoned Firewood is what should be burned in your stove/insert?

Q. What are BioBricks?
A. Bio Bricks are compressed wood fiber, sawdust and or cardboard blocks.  These blocks are approved to burn with the supplement of seasoned firewood. Due to their compressed makeup they burn at intense heat therefore you must supplement with seasoned firewood.

Q. Can I cook on my stove?
A. Yes,there are a few wood stoves with a cook top option.
  EX. Jotul Rangely, Vermont Castings Defiant and Enchore as well as others.

Q. Is there online support available?
A. Yes.  Please be sure to view the videos available posted from the stove/inserts manufacturer.

Q. Can I Use my new appliance when the power is out?
A. Gas and Wood appliances will operate just fine.  Most of the gas units have battery back up systems to light the pilot.  Once the pilot is lit the unit will generate its own electricity.  Wood will work just fine.  Keep in mind your electric blowers will not work without electricity.

Q. Can I install a Television above my fireplace?
A. Please review the owners manual for the manufacturer of the T.V. for their recommendations.