Forever Flex Chimney Liners

Posted on Jun 29, 2016 in Allentown Fireplaces | 0 comments



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Forever Flex Stainless Steel Liners are manufactured with the highest quality first run alloys. The 24 gauge No Sag/No Leak Top Plates, exclusive to Forever Flex, ensures a dry chimney. A selection of rain caps and quick-connect adapters, coupled with tight fastening hose clamps, supports a quick and easy installation with a clean finish.

The Forever Flex Liner is available in multiple diameters with the option to be round, ovalized, squared off, or made rectangular. The different shaped liners are for different applications. For chimneys on exterior walls, the insulation kit alleviates draft issues by maintaining a buffer from the cold weather. Different kits are available depending on your installation needs.

We at Krings Hearth and Home are happy to provide our services to complete your project. Our experienced installers can turn that unused crock or open-faced fireplace into a highly efficient heating system. These liners can be paired up with a number of configurations to cover almost every situation. Take advantage of the perks Forever Flex Liners offers and seize the opportunity to get the most out of your fuel source. Easy to clean, easy to install, easy to decide, Forever Flex is the right choice.

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